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New York Times: pictured behind director Spike Jonze in rehearsal for the YouTube Music Awards.  


other press.

Sid Smith (Chicago Tribune, SeeChicagoDance): "precisely the sort of promising young talent the city would be wise to entice ... Let's hope she keeps slugging away.  This is a dance maker whose intelligence and warm love for her art shine through in every endeavor."


"Her work impressed me greatly when on display a while back ... Berry may well be a case study in emerging choreographers of our day in that she combines a big of practicality with her artistic pursuit."


Zac Whittenberg (TimeOut Chicago):

"As Berry moves a floor full of dancers around, her facility with logistical knots becomes clear. ... Berry's movement turns halting gestures of romantic interest, defensive sarcasm, and commitment anxiety into a language of love's gestures (the way you hold your knife, the way you sip your tea)."



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